Wireless Systems, Services and Devices

by ELEDIA Research Center

Technology transfer

The ELEDIA Research Center addresses research activities in the framework of Advanced Engineering and Science with main focus on the analysis and optimization-based synthesis and design of advanced systems, architectures, methodologies, techniques and devices for communications, sensing, localization, tracking, and power transfer as applied to information transmission, energy, smart cities and environment, civil engineering and protection, situation emergency management, precision agriculture, biomedicine, and wireless internet-of-things.
The technological transfer of the ELEDIA know-how in the design of wireless devices and the development of user-oriented services enables the solution of real-world problems through innovative wireless solutions.

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core experience on optimization, classification and troubleshooting methodologies in the telecommunication field to real world problems


distributed wireless systems and devices for monitoring and analyzing heterogeneous physical parameters with opportunistic, low-cost, and efficient solutions


Information Technology services for providers and end-users, ranging from real-time data analysis up to advanced decision support systems

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Opportunistic Device-Free Wireless Localization

OWL detects and locates device-free targets moving in indoor environments only exploiting the existing wireless architectures already deployed for standard communication.


Indoor Tracking of Wireless Devices

WaLK is a software framework that enables scalable, opportunistic, low-cost localization of wireless devices for indoor environments without hardware customization.


SearcH-And-Rescue Operation assistaNt

SHARON is a decision support system for the analysis, the planning and the real-time supervision of search and rescue operations (i.e., missing people) in rural and mountain areas.


Situation Awareness & Fleet Management

INSPECTOR/FIRELESS is a geographic information system supporting civil defense operators (e.g. fire-fighters) in the management of TETRA fleet and for monitoring environment in real-time.


Social Data-Mining for Emergency Detection

EYEshaDE is a decision support system designed for detecting emergency events in real-time through the analysis of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.


TETRA Network Management

hosTESS is a software suite for TETRA network and terminals management. It enables advanced services for network provider and end-users such as location tracking, terminal reconfiguration, communication interoperability.


FAult Tolerant KPI Evaluation

FaKE is an anomaly detection system expressively designed to be fault-tolerant and to counteract the false-positive errors.


Mobile Networks Troubleshooting

The Eledia Vodafone Kpi Evaluator (EVoKE) is a full scale anomaly detection system for 2G, 3G, 4G cellular networks. It has been tested with Vodafone Omnitel N.V


Road Security

MARGINE is a distributed monitoring system for road security. The system prevents wildlife-vehicle (i.e. deers) collisions by notifying drivers through adaptive real-time radar-based movements detection.


Precision Farming

SEASON enables the sensor web paradigm through the acquisition of multiple environmental parameters. Heterogeneous wireless sensors are used for real-time and distributed sensing.


Museum Management

ELEDIA Research applied to Museum services related to occupancy, location estimation, security, people counting, tour management and much more.


Electronic Examination platform

E-XAM is an electronic examination system for any kind of School and Academy course. The e-xam research platform is deployed through the Web or Intranet.


Sport pLanning mAnagement pLatfOrM

SLALOM is a decision support system for monitoring and managing the mobility of fleet, personnel, and spectators during large sport events.


Search And Rescue of the people lost in Avalanches

NIVES is a decision support system for the analysis and the planning of search and rescue operations (i.e., of lost people) in avalanches.


UMTS Radio Planning

The Vodafone Eledia pLAnning tool (VELA) is an optimization tool designed to work with the leading radio planning FORSK ATOLL. VELA evaluates the UMTS signals coverage model.


Smart Lighting

TElecontrollo Wireless Illuminazione Pubblica (TEW-IP) is a system for monitoring and managing public lightning through Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). The project is under experimental validation in the city of Trento since September 2013.


Server Room Monitoring

CISCA-WSN is a server-room monitoring system based on Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). Environmental parameters are continously acquired at high rate to prevent overheating of electronic appliances. The system is actually running at CISCA server room in Povo, Trento.


Elettromagnetic Pollution Monitoring

Electro-Smog WSN measures the electromagnetic field by means of simple, low-cost, broadband, isotropic probes for distributed and continuous exposure assessment. The system automatically notifies anomalous EM pollution.


Environmental Open Data Aggregation

sEmPlICE is a web platform designed for aggregating and presenting heterogeneous data, such as environmental parameters and emergency events information. The application is optimized for any kind of device, in particular mobile clients.


LandSlide Monitoring

The Eledia LandsLide Monitoring systEm (TELLME) early detects and notifies the superficial movements of risky geological sites through distributed wireless nodes equipped with low-cost and low-power sensors.

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